Daily Devotions

    ScripturesDevoting some portion of your time each day to seek God through reading the Bible and praying is a habit that has helped many Christ followers to grow in maturity. God is with us at all times and speaks to us in many ways but both the Old and New Testaments exhort us to have daily interaction with scripture and regular conversation with God in prayer. Devoting a part of each day when you can be alone, alert, and focused on God “primes the pump” for experiencing and enjoying God throughout the day.

     If you have children at home, the practice of having a brief time to read the Bible and pray together as a family builds a sense of God’s leadership over your home. Get a Bible or story Bible that is fits the children’s age level and keep the time brief encouraging all to participate. Many families make this part of their bed time ritual. We are creatures of habit! Developing the habit of giving God concentrated time each day opens us up to one who loves us most.