Clover Creek Thanksgiving & Christmas

 Clover Creek Elementary

Thanksgiving Baskets and Christmas Gifts for Clover Creek Families

 The members of Crossroads Church are so loving and giving to our community that we are making sure that families attending our community school, Clover Creek Elementary, are sure to have food for the holidays. The school Counselor has the names of families that could use our help in making sure that these families have food for Thanksgiving and gifts for Christmas. The children are out of school for two weeks during the holidays and they rely on the school providing meals for Breakfast and Lunch. We will have boxes in our Church Lobby to collect non-perishable foods and baskets will be assembled from these food items. The money that is donated will buy the perishable foods to complete the baskets.The baskets will be personally delivered to the families so that they might have a festive Thanksgiving.

In addition to the Thanksgiving baskets, we are also committing to helping these same families at Christmas.  Many of these families don't have the finances to provide gifts for their children at Christmas so we as a church want to participate in remedying that situation as well.  The school counselor will give us the ages and sizes of the children so that we can purchase appropriate gifts. Gifts will be delivered by members of the church to make the children’s Christmas a bright one. God loves His children and so do we!  Many of our members are already involved in helping tutor at Clover Creek Elementary and we are excited about extending our outreach to helping during this special Holiday Season.  To be involved contact